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I love working as an escort but it seems to me that nobody takes the adult entertainment industry in London seriously. As a matter of fact, it always seems like local councilors are trying to run us out of town. It can be really frustrating, and it also downgrades the industry. Most of the girls who work for St Johns Wood escorts feel exactly the same way, and would love for politicians to take the industry a bit more seriously. The fact is that the adult entertainment industry in London, brings in a lot of money. Surely, revenue from the adult entertainment industry is just as important as revenue from other industries?

St Johns Wood escorts like have been in business for quite a few years now, and during that time, we have never been able to classify ourselves as escorts. It seems so odd to me as many of my friends who work as escorts in Holland can declare that they actually are escorts. They can even apply for business expenses, and use their investment in lingerie as a tax write off. Unfortunately, we cannot do the same thing here and I think that is wrong. Why is the UK government so backwards, I just can’t understand that at all?

St Johns Wood escorts

Before I started to work for St Johns Wood escorts, I used to be a lap dancer. It was a great job, but I had to travel across London to get to work. It used to cost me a fortune, so I ended up giving the job up. I find the job here at the escorts agency, and thought that I was going to be considered a professional by the tax office. No, that never happened and even my own accountant seems to think that this is not a serious business. It is odd, because I am sure that I earn more than many other girls.

I would like to adult entertainment industry in London to have more recognition. After all, we work very hard and pay our taxes. Some of the other girls who work for St Johns Wood escorts used to be professional porn stars, and they seemed to have been tarred by the same brush. I think that we need to have a rethink about the industry. After all, it has cleaned itself up in recent years, and is now more professional than ever. I would love to stay in the industry for longer, but I am not so sure.

Lots of gents who use St Johns Wood escorts services are professionals, and we meet gents from all walks of life. It is a really exciting job, and you can have some serious fun yourself when you date as a St Johns Wood escort. Most of the gents that I date are really nice and I enjoy spending time with them. If, we could sort of upgrade the status of escort’s services, I am sure that more gents would use them. It would be a real bonus for the business if we were seen as a professional service to London’s many lonely gents.

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