What I like to look at when I eat…

I strongly believe that good company makes the food taste better, and when I am out for a nice meal, I like to enjoy some good company at the same time. That is why I always check out who is on duty at Brixton escorts before I book a table. If I don’t have one of my favorite girls with me from Brixton escorts, I find that the food does not taste as good and I would rather stay at home.

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One of the sights that I like to see when I am enjoying a nice meal, is a good cleavage. Some say that it is really sexist to want to look at a woman with a nice cleavage during a meal, but I don’t think so. There are occasion when I just sit there and imagine the things that I might just accidentally drop down those tops. It would mean that I would have to dive down there and see if I could find the very last crumb.

A nice pair of nails is nice to look at when you are enjoying your meal as well. I like the way some girls at Brixton escorts paint their finger nails. One of my favorite ways is when a girl has two tones colors on her nail, and really long nails. Preferably they should be in some shade of red, and I would like to think that the color matches the girl’s nipples. Once again, I have some fantasies and the thought of seeing those hands and nails wrapped around my dick turns me on.

What about lips? Yes, I do like nice lips as well. Some escorts have gone for lip implants and I don’t like the look of them at all. I think that the girls think it looks sexy, but I think that it just looks tacky. A pair of nice natural looking lips works for me every time. The girls at Brixton escorts, have not had too many cosmetic enhancements, and that is yet another reason for me to use the escort agency.

Do I get a kick out of sitting across from a sexy girl and getting horny? All sorts of things can make you horny, but I must admit that there is something about a sexy girl and a nice plate of food that can really get me going. Fortunately for me, the girls at Brixton escorts seem to like to come out with me. I never rush the evening at all, and I make sure that we always start with pre dinner cocktails and end up with dessert back at my room. All of the best restaurants are in the top hotels in London, so you can extend your dining experience. In my book, the companionship of a sexy girl is what good dining is all about. I am sure a lot of gentlemen would agree with me. If you are a sexy girl who likes good food, please just get in touch.

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