Colchester Escorts and St Helena

St Helena is the Patron saint of Colchester to many people, but to some men Helena is the madam of one of a leading Colchester escorts agency like Many gents of Colchester is grateful to Madame Helena who has brought so many great Colchester escorts to town. Before Madame Helena opened up the doors to her agency, there wasn’t a Colchester escorts agency.

Many gents traveled into London to date escorts, or they dated independent Colchester escorts. However, since Madame Helena open up Bunnies of Colchester escorts agency all of that has changed.

The Benefits of a Local Agency

Not all UK towns have their own escorts services but Colchester does. There are many advantages of having an escorts agency in your own home town.

First of all, you will normally find that it is cheaper per hour to date on your own home turf. Lots of gents now book two hours instead of one hour. Not only are the hourly rates cheaper, but it is also quicker to get to your favorite escorts. You don’t need to go into central London, and cope with traffic or the train. You can simply drive to your escort’s boudoir.

Outcalls are easier to manage as well. Sometimes it would take hours to get a call to come up from central London, but now many hot babes can be with you in a matter of minutes. On an average it takes 20 minutes to fulfill an outcall request in Colchester, and that is pretty good time. Sitting around waiting for hours can be a frustrating business, and many gents say that the winds go out of their sails.

Independent babes and escorts are great, but sometimes you don’t know how professional the girl is that you are going to be dating. Dating disasters used to be frequent in Colchester but now they are virtually unheard of. Gents are happier with their dates and the quality of service they are getting from Bunnies of Colchester.

It most be nice for gents to be able to know that the girls working for the agency have been hand selected by Madame Helena, and that they are trained. Courteous and professional escorts are vital to the business, and this is just one of the attributes that have given Bunnies of Colchester such as good name. All of the girls look after themselves, and Madame Helena keeps her eye on them. She is a bit like a mother goose but at the same time she wants attractive and sexy companions to offer the local gents.

Madame Helena used to be an escort herself in Mayfair. She retired a few years ago to go traveling the world, but could not stay away from the profession. She still loves the business but decided to become a madame with her own agency. She felt that she had the right experience to make a valuable contribution. Judging by the reviews on the agency’s website, many regulars agree with her and her agency is one of the most popular services in leafy Colchester.

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