A question for about men, Since I talked all about women

So I have this question that has been like playing in my mind. Someone commented this on the agency last week when he is booking for a date at Bexley Escorts. It was out of the blue question about feminism.

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In my previous articles I say that feminism benefits all genders. It helps men too.So like men should want to be a part of it and should support it because they’re going to benefit from it. Person said, “Why do we feel the need to justify the feminist movement by saying that it helps men too? Like, ya it does, but shouldn’t anyone want to help a movement regardless of if it helps them personally?”

That’s a really good point. I support gay rights. I’m not gay. I support Black lives matter. I think people should support positive progressive human rights movements regardless of how indirectly effects them.

I do feel like feminists constantly have to be like, “Hey men it helps you too.” in order to get them on board. And that’s a problem. I’m not going to sit here and try to justify that. I think that’s a problem.

So for me feminism is common sense. I didn’t call myself feminist for a long time because I didn’t understand what feminism was. I held views that pertained to feminism. Yay women should be the same. I’m not feminist. And then I learned what feminism was and I was likeoh I am a feminist.

I heard someone say that you shouldn’t have to tell a man this could be your daughter. This could be your mother. You shouldn’t have to and yet you do because as men we don’t go through what you go through. There’s so many questions here.

I am just talking from my personal experience. And what we don’t know or haven’t really addressed is the experience of gay men, black men, Tran’s men. Which who have entirely different experiences of what it’s like to be a man and all of those things should also be talked about.

Or even straight men who aren’t as liberal and theater as some.

Oh my god not even slightly scratched. I feel like what is important…I think something important to take away is respect for each other’s views. Listen to each other, engage in a conversation as positively as you can and understand each other. These are difficult things to talk about. Especially for people who aren’t encouraged to talk about them for their whole life.

Also if you are a gay, black, or Tran’s man and you feel comfortable sharing your own experiences that are probably different to some then also share them in and book a date at Bexley Escorts we are here to help

It’s so important to talk about though. Sharing your experiences are the only ways that we will know these experiences exist. That we can with you to try and address them and live in a happy utopia at some point.

Peace and love. Harmony and understanding. Sympathy is just abounding. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius.


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